Lis Makes: Weaving Joyful Stories with Threads and Yarns

Welcome to Lis Makes, where we believe in weaving heartwarming tales through embroidery and fiber arts. Our brand is dedicated to crafting handmade treasures that infuse your life with delight and charm.

Embroidery Art: Capturing Beauty in Every Stitch

embroidery earrings

At Lis Makes, we weave more than just thread; we weave stories. Our passion lies in exquisite embroidery art, where we translate your style and personality into unique, handcrafted pieces.

Our collection boasts captivating embroidered jewelry, including earrings, pendant necklaces, brooch pins, hair clips, and charms. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted with unwavering attention to detail, blending intricate stitching techniques with creative designs. But we don’t stop there!

We also offer a selection of bestselling personalized bookmark corners, the perfect touch for any bookworm. Whether you’re looking for the ideal gift or a special treat for yourself, Lis Makes has something to tell your story.

Fine Knitted Goods: Indulge in Warmth and Comfort

knitted scarves

We aren’t just about embroidery artistry! We also offer a curated selection of handcrafted fine-knitted goods for you and your home. Utilizing luxurious fibers like cashmere, mohair, and merino wool, we create cozy scarves, hats, and even home decor items like stylish kitchen towel holders. Each piece is meticulously crafted to ensure exceptional quality and unparalleled comfort, bringing warmth and beauty to your life.

Best-selling Balaclava Hoods

In Winter 2023, we launched our hand-knitted oversized balaclava hoods, and they quickly became a customer favorite. These cozy creations are crafted with chunky yarn for a relaxed fit that offers maximum comfort without

igloo balaclava

sacrificing warmth. But the best part? Our versatile balaclava hood can be worn in multiple ways thanks to its built-in

 neck warmer. Wear it folded inward like a turtleneck for a chic look, or unfurl it to cover part of your collar and shoulders. Feeling a chill? Roll the turtleneck up to shield your face from the cold wind. With its endless comfort and adaptability, it’s no wonder our balaclava hood became a bestseller!

Lis Crandall: The Passionate Mind Behind Lis Makes

Behind Lis Makes is the founder, Lis Crandall, a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and

image of lis makes founder

 well-being. With a background in psychology, Lis is dedicated to using her platform to create products that promote holistic well-being. Lis believes that making things is a powerful way to connect with others and express ourselves. When crafting, she can focus on the present moment and let go of any worries or stresses. She also loves the feeling of creating something beautiful that can bring joy to others.

Beyond Craft: Sharing Knowledge and Empowering Others


In addition to running her shop, Lis uses her platform to write for a mental health-focused publication, exploring topics encouraging learning and coping strategies for a better state of mind. She believes that by sharing her knowledge and experiences, she can help others to improve their mental health and well-being.

Lis Makes is more than just a shop; it’s a haven where creativity meets compassion, where every stitch and yarn weave a tapestry of heartfelt stories. Embrace the joy of handmade artistry and discover the transformative power of crafting with Lis Makes.

Lis Writes

If you are looking for handmade items that are both beautiful and meaningful, then Lis Makes is the perfect place for you. Visit the shop today and find something that you love!

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