At Lis Makes, we understand that people crave products that reflect their individuality and help them stand out. Personalization is key in expressing one’s unique style and celebrating special moments. That’s why we offer a range of customized products and services that allow you to create something uniquely yours.

Embroidery Hoop Art

Our popular embroidery hoop art is designed to capture the essence of minimalist style while adding a personal touch. We specialize in creating elegant monograms delicately embroidered onto premium fabric. You can include an optional date, making it the perfect keepsake for weddings and relationship milestones. With our attention to detail and craftsmanship, we turn embroidery into art that tells your story.

custom monogram embroidery

Hanging Charms

Looking for a charming way to personalize your accessories? Our hanging charms are the ideal choice. You can add an alphabet of your choice to the back of the charm, and we adorn it with beautiful floral wreath embroidery. These versatile charms can be attached to bags, keychains, or necklaces, allowing you to carry a piece of personalized art wherever you go.

customized embroidered charms

Whimsical Hair Clips

If you’re searching for a whimsical way to showcase your Chinese name or give a special touch to your accessories, our embroidered hair clips are a delightful choice. We offer the option to embroider your Chinese name onto the hair clip, whether translated or not. These eye-catching clips are meticulously crafted to combine elegance with playfulness, ensuring you turn heads wherever you wear them.

drama inspired embroidered hair clips

Wearable Art Jewelry – Pendants and Earrings

Update your style with our exquisite collection of embroidery pendants and earrings, where wearable art jewelry meets meticulous craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously handmade, showcasing intricate embroidery that captures the essence of uniqueness. Adorn yourself with these stunning creations, celebrating the fusion of creativity and elegance in every detail.

oval embroidery pendant - rose garden

We are passionate about creating personalized pieces that allow you to express your individuality and commemorate life’s most precious moments. Join us on this creative journey as we expand our customized products and services range. Explore our blog posts below to gain inspiration, learn more about our process, and discover the stories behind our creations.

We believe in making every moment uniquely yours with our customized designs. Let us help you add a touch of personalization to your world!

Start browsing our blog posts below to explore the possibilities of customized creations.

Customized Products

Handcrafted Embroidered Charms: A Beautiful Tribute to the Women in My Family

Empowering and Celebrating Women: Rebirth Embroidered Charms Celebrating the bond between sisters and the special...
customized embroidered charms

Embracing Empowerment: Unveiling the Beauty of Embroidered Charms in the Rebirth Collection

Empowering and Celebrating Women: Rebirth Embroidered Charms In a world where women continuously evolve and...
rebirth embroidered charm

Elegant Embroidered Hair Clips: Embrace the Charm of Chinese Period Dramas

Embroidered Hair Clips: A Result Of Chinese Period Drama Binging Explore the enchanting world of...
drama inspired embroidered hair clips

Custom Monogram Embroidery Hoop Art for Elegant Home Decor

Background Story of Monogram Embroidery Monogram embroidery has long been cherished for its timeless appeal...
custom monogram embroidery

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