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Embroidery Hoop Art – Math Madness


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This embroidery hoop art on a 6″ hoop features an image of a girl surrounded by statistics formulas. This unique piece of art tells a story of the challenging and stressful nature of studying statistics for people who do not do well with numbers.

Our skilled artisan has carefully crafted this piece using only black embroidery floss, creating a bold and dramatic effect. The girl in the center is expertly embroidered, with each stitch capturing the detail of her animated expression showing a girl gone mad (momentarily). The surrounding statistics formulas are also intricately embroidered, showing the complexity and difficulty of the subject.

This hand-embroidered art on a 6″ hoop is perfect for anyone who resonates with the stress and challenges of studying statistics. It is a fun addition to any room, whether hung on a wall, shelf, or table. Its small size makes it a great gift to encourage someone you know who is struggling with mathematics.


The artwork is inspired by a true story where a girl with dyscalculia (math disorder) experienced immense stress when studying statistics as a psychology major. Using humor as a coping strategy, the girl went on to complete her psychology degree, which consisted of four statistics modules.
~ Original artwork by Lis Sun Crandall. All Rights Reserved. ~

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