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Vintage Style Rose Embroidered Pendant Necklace


Twin Roses Embroidered Pendant in Antique Bronze

embroidered pendant

Moody but Romantic: Gray Rose Embroidered Pendant


Black Linen Necklace with Embroidered Gray Rose – Romantic Gothic Pendant – Gift for Her

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Embrace the Enigmatic: A Black Linen Necklace with Gray Rose Embroidered Pendant

For the soul who wanders in twilight elegance, this captivating necklace whispers of dark academia and moody romance. A single, captivating gray rose and shadowing rosebuds, meticulously embroidered on luxurious black linen, take center stage. The repurposed plastic insert and felt padding ensure this pendant is as lightweight as a whispered secret, while the antique rhodium alloy base adds a touch of vintage intrigue.

A Treasure to Keep Close:
– This unique embroidered pendant measures 35mm tall and 26mm wide, offering a charmingly detailed focal point.
– Choose from a black or brown faux leather cord (17″ with a 2″ extender) or a delicate chain (18″ with a 2″ extender) for a perfect fit.
– Crafted with high-quality materials, the necklace features a repurposed plastic insert and felt padding for lightweight comfort. The antique rhodium alloy pendant base adds a vintage touch.

This unique embroidered pendant necklace is a gift they’ll treasure, a reminder of the quiet beauty in the shadows and the captivating allure of the enigmatic.

* Care instructions for fabric embroidery jewelry and accessories: Avoid excessive moisture, store in a dry place, avoid contact with perfumes and lotions, gently clean with a soft, lint-free cloth, and handle with care.
– A water-resistant shield is carefully applied to the embroidery and fabric, protecting against water stains and dust. However, exercising caution while wearing the jewelry/accessories is advisable to ensure its longevity.

* Color Disclaimer: Due to variations in monitor and screen settings, the actual colors of this product may appear slightly different from what you see on your screen.

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