balaclava hood

Most Love Received: Braided Balaclava Hood Now in Black


Wear the Knit Balaclava Hood in Four Ways: Warmth Guaranteed!

balaclava hood


Embrace the Chilly Breeze: Cozy Up with the Pistachio Pie Balaclava Hood

Greet the cooler weather in style with the Pistachio Pie Balaclava Hood, a cozy knit masterpiece inspired by the sweet treat. Imagine chunky cable knit (in a delightful pale green, just like the pistachio filling) framing your face, creating a chic and timeless look. Then, burst into a delectable mix of colors in the hood and neck warmer – a playful blend of pale orange (reminiscent of the pie crust) and refreshing white (like the whipped cream topping). This delicate play of tones will bring a smile to your face.

Four Ways to Wear:
– Full Face Cover: When the wind picks up, pull the neck warmer up over your face for complete warmth and protection.
– Double-Fold Turtleneck: For a touch of effortless style, fold the neck warmer down to create a cozy, double-layered turtleneck.
– Outward Cowl: Want a bit more coverage? Wear the neck warmer outside and tuck half the fabric under to create a chic cowl that drapes around your neck and collar.
– Relaxed Hood: Drop the hood when indoors for a relaxed look.

More than just a Cold-Weather Treat, This Balaclava is a Fashion Statement:
– Perfect for chilly walks, crisp hikes, or cozying up by a window with a good book.
– Makes a thoughtful gift for the fashion-forward friend in your life, with a touch of whimsy!

Invest in the Pistachio Pie Balaclava and experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and the warmth of cooler weather. Order yours today!

Easy care: 100% acrylic yarn. Wash on a delicate wash setting and lay flat to dry.

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