little jack tutorial - hair

How to Crochet Adorable Doll Hair: Little Jack Tutorial Part 2

Crochet dolls may seem intimidating at first, especially if you’re new to the craft. But don’t let fear or doubt hold you back from trying something new! Our easy-to-follow tutorial series is perfect for beginners, providing all the basic stitches and techniques needed to create…

little jack - part 1

Free Tutorial: Make Your Own Adorable Little Jack Doll

Hey there, crochet lovers! I’m excited to announce that I’ve just posted a free tutorial featuring the first part of my latest YouTube tutorial series: Little Jack, an adorable and charming crochet doll. As some of you may know, I’ve been designing and crafting crochet…

crochet bride pattern pack

Amigurumi Crochet Bride Pattern Value Pack in Seven Styles

The crochet bride pattern collection consists of seven brides at a deep discount. We used to sell wedding doll patterns as a set featuring the bride and the groom since that was how we designed them. However, we often receive requests to mix and match…

crochet holly berries

Learn How To Make An Easy Decorative Holly Berries And Leaves

I made some crochet holly berries today. The truth is, when I am not knitting, I am cooking and baking, and only when I have a large window of uninterrupted time will I write up some articles. Unfortunately, all my favorite pastimes are time-demanding, so…

rippling effect

The Rippling Effects of Small Actions

The Poem That Matches The Sentiments of The Scarf: Drop a pebble in the water: just a splash, and it is gone; But there’s half-a-hundred ripples circling on and on and on, Spreading, spreading from the center, flowing on out to the sea. And there…


Gratitude – Inspired by A Life Well Lived Poem

What is a life well lived? I chanced upon a poem about a well-lived life, which resonates with how I feel about a good life. The motif in this scarf shows a pattern of leaves forming the same repetitive path as we approach our day-to-day…

Pattern Sets on Etsy

Amigurumi Pattern Sets – Launched on Etsy!

We have launched our Amigurumi Pattern Sets on Etsy! The “Festive Holidays” pattern set consists of doll designs suited for some popular festive holidays. The set includes Christmas lovers of two sizes, a Santa boy, a reindeer, teru teru bozu the weather dolls of two…

Resilience – The enduring determination riding on hope

I named this scarf “Resilience”. The knit stitches resemble the basket weaving technique that demonstrates the strength and enduring determination to keep things together. Resilience is knitted using 100% merino wool in soft colorways. Here’s a poem to go with the significance of the scarf, Resilience:…

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