reach for the star embroidery hoop art

Launching Embroidery Products – Hoop Art and Hair Clips

Lis Makes has officially launched our embroidery products, including hand-embroidered hoop art and embroidery hair clips!

At Lis Makes, we are committed to creating products that are not just beautiful but also meaningful. We are excited to announce that we will gradually add new designs to our collection of embroidery art. We believe every stitch tells a story, and we aim to create products that move people. In the future, we also plan to offer customization services, allowing our customers to add their text to a selection of embroidered wreaths that frame around the text. We can’t wait to see the stories that our customers will tell through their personalized creations.

reach for the star embroidery hoop art

The Ballerina embroidery hoop art is named “Reaching For The Star.” Despite the challenges, we hope to inspire you to stay focused on your goal, the dangling star. We try to show the tenacity of the ballet dancer who remains determined despite the temptations, the roses, to procrastinate and derail from the trajectory of gaining success.

embroider hair clips

Behind the gracefulness of every ballerina is self-discipline and hard work.

These are just one of our expanding embroidery collections, so stay tuned for more!

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