New products and blooms

Blooming with New Products and Updates!

We’re excited to share some fresh blooms with you today! Spring is in the air, and we’re feeling inspired by the season’s beauty. Here’s a peek at some of our new products:

1. New Rose-tastic Products!

Crocheted Rose Bags: Get ready to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe with our new crocheted rose bags! We’ve got two stunning styles to choose from:

Luxuriously Fuzzy with Faux Leather Flair: Made with acrylic yarn that boasts a delightful fuzziness, these bags exude a touch of casual luxury and come complete with a faux leather strap for comfortable carrying. Fully lined for an extra touch of polish, this bag is perfect for lunch dates, quick social meetups, or even adding a touch of whimsy to your casual Friday office outfit.

rose crochet handbag

Classy and Cute: The Eye-Catching Evening Purse: Crafted with premium mercerized cotton yarn and accented with a metal frame, these bags offer a perfect blend of sophistication and sweetness. This isn’t your average purse – it’s an occasion purse, designed to capture attention and turn heads during a night out.

rose crochet purse

And wait, there’s more! We’re busy buzzing away on even more styles and variations, so stay tuned for exciting additions to the collection.

Shop Handmade Bags Here

2. Dining with the Roses

Remember how we mentioned going full-on rose theme? Well, we haven’t forgotten about your home decor! We’ve added beautiful crocheted rose napkin rings to our collection. These charming additions bring a touch of softness and romance to every meal, whether you’re enjoying a solo dinner on your balcony or a cozy gathering with a friend. Because let’s face it, life deserves a little more gentleness and love, don’t you think?

We are slowly adding new colors and material variations.

Watch how we fold and use our rose napkin rings!

rose napkin rings

Shop Napkin Rings Here

3. A Small Change: Blossoming Elsewhere

While we’ve had a wonderful journey at the Goimagine marketplace, our workload has been blooming so beautifully that it’s become a challenge to keep up with inventory across all platforms. With careful consideration, we’ve decided to close our shop at Goimagine.

Don’t worry, you can still find all our lovely creations on Etsy and Michaels MakerPlace! Etsy caters to both domestic and international customers, while Michaels MakerPlace is perfect for our friends in the US.

Also, we are slow in updating our online catalog on our website, but Etsy and MakerPlace are fully stocked and updated, so swing by to make your purchase!

Thank you for your continued support! We can’t wait to share more blooming news with you soon.

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