embroidery earrings - inspired by vintage tiles

Vintage Tile-Inspired Embroidery Earrings: Heritage Revival

Converting Heritage Art into Wearable Art – Embroidery Earrings In the ever-evolving world of design and aesthetics, it’s intriguing how our tastes can come full circle, transforming things we once disliked into cherished treasures. The phenomenon of “Oldies are Goldies” is particularly evident when considering…

affirmation accessories

Embrace Positivity with Embroidery Affirmation Accessories

Finding An Easy Way to Stay Positive – Affirmation Accessories In a world where negativity can sometimes overwhelm us, finding ways to stay positive and uplift ourselves and those around us is essential. One such way is through the power of positive affirmations. In this…

inspiration behind honeycomb embroidery earrings

Crafting Love: Honeycomb Embroidery Earrings

The Inspiration Behind The Honeycomb Embroidery Earrings Today, I want to share the cute little story that inspired my one-of-a-kind honeycomb embroidery earrings. It all began in 2017 when I was living in Denmark and created a heart-shaped stitched charm for my then-boyfriend, now husband….

Embroidery Pendant Necklace Options

Offering Versatile Embroidery Pendant Necklace Options Now!

Lis Makes: Exploring the Versatile Embroidery Pendant Necklace Options! If you’re a fashion enthusiast looking to elevate your style game, you’re in for a treat. We now offer a delightful range of embroidery pendant necklace options to complement these stunning pieces of wearable art. In…

math equations hair clips

Hand-Embroidered Math Equations Hair Clips: Just Restocked!

Hey math enthusiasts! Exciting news! The much-awaited Math Equations hair clips are back in stock, and I’m thrilled to introduce some exciting changes to these unique accessories! In response to the overwhelming demand, I’ve taken the opportunity to elevate the quality of craftsmanship and add…

singapore national day

Happy Singapore National Day: Merlion and Orchid

Greetings! With Singapore National Day approaching, we will celebrate Singapore’s 58th birthday this year, a special day that holds a significant place in my heart; I take you on a journey to discover the essence of this vibrant nation. As a Singaporean living in America,…

embroidered pendants

Exquisite Embroidered Pendants: A Fusion of Art and Elegance

The Allure of Embroidered Pendants: Wearable Artistry at Its Finest Let me introduce you to the world where creativity and elegance intertwine, bringing forth unique and captivating accessories. In this article, we delve into the enchanting realm of embroidered pendants. These exquisite pieces are meticulously…

embroidered rose floral pendant

Elegant Embroidered Floral Pendant: Magic of 3D Roses

Hand-Embroidered Floral Pendant: A Dimensional Elegance Blossoming with Beauty Making our embroidered floral pendant is a remarkable fusion of artistry and fashion. These delicate pieces are meticulously crafted by hand, each stitch telling a story. One particular pendant that stands out is adorned with stunning…

embroidered bouquet pendant

Embroidered Floral Pendant: Blossoming Bouquet of Sweetness

Hand-Embroidered Floral Pendant: A Dimensional Elegance Blossoming with Beauty Step into a world where artistry and craftsmanship intertwine to create a mesmerizing embroidered floral pendant. Our unique collection celebrates the delicate intricacy of floral designs, brought to life through meticulous stitching and vibrant colors. Each…

embroidered pendants

Embroidered Pendants: A Blend of Elegance and Artistry

Introducing Our Stunning Embroidered Pendants: A Blend of Elegance and Creativity We are thrilled to unveil our latest collection of embroidered pendants that will undoubtedly captivate your imagination. Each pendant is meticulously crafted using high-quality embroidery floss and embellished with exquisite beads. The result? A…

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