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Retro-Inspired Embroidered Hair Clips: Vintage Charm


Summer Floral Embroidered Hair Clips Bringing Happy Moods

summer embroidered hair clips


Elegant Embroidered Hair Clips: Embrace the Charm of Chinese Period Dramas

Our custom-made embroidered hair clips will enhance your hairstyle with elegance and personalized charm! Introducing our 姑娘 (gū niáng) and 娘子 (niáng zǐ) collections, both featuring exquisite vertical embroidery of your chosen name.

Each hair clip is meticulously handcrafted and made to order, ensuring a unique and special accessory tailored just for you. To create your personalized design, provide us with your desired Chinese characters or enter your English name, and we will expertly translate and stitch it with utmost precision.

The 姑娘 (gū niáng) collection showcases the timeless beauty of vertical embroidery inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphy and lettering. For an elegant and sophisticated look, our 娘子 (niáng zǐ) collection is perfect. Crafted on a deep burgundy-red fabric, the vertical embroidery of your name is enhanced with golden thread stitching. Adorned with delicate 3D roses and leaves, these clips beautifully capture the essence of femininity and showcase individuality.

These embroidered hair clips make a thoughtful and unique gift for yourself or someone special. Embrace the beauty of Chinese traditions and let your hair become a canvas for timeless elegance and personalized style.

Our hair clips are made-to-order, and production time may vary. We ensure close communication with you throughout the process to guarantee the perfect translation and design.

The love for Chinese period dramas inspires this collection, and we have a writeup to explore the usage of “娘子” (Niáng Zi) and “姑娘” (Gū Niáng) for women across various periods and dynasties. Read it here Embroidered Hair Clips: A Result Of Chinese Period Drama Binging“.

For married or mature women, using the family name for the Niang Zi collection is appropriate. For young or unmarried women or daughters, choose the first name for the Gu Niang collection. See the above website for some background information.

Note: Due to the customized nature of these hair clips, please allow for a production time of 3 working days.

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You are purchasing ONE unit.

We embroider our hair clips on cotton and cotton blend fabric and mount the embroidered artwork on felt fabric and upcycled recyclable material. The 6cm snap clip is secured between the mounted fabric and premium faux leather.

Height: 6.2cm
Width: 1.8cm

Please do not wash the hair clips; the stitches may become fuzzy and compromise the aesthetic presentation. Spot cleaning only, and avoid brushing the stitches.


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