drama inspired embroidered hair clips

Elegant Embroidered Hair Clips: Embrace the Charm of Chinese Period Dramas

Embroidered Hair Clips: A Result Of Chinese Period Drama Binging

Explore the enchanting world of Chinese period dramas with our drama-inspired embroidered hair clips! Immerse yourself in the Chinese period drama eras as we celebrate those times’ cultural richness and femininity. Our 姑娘 collection features vertical name embroidery adorned with vibrant 3D roses and leaves, capturing the essence of youthfulness. For the mature elegance of 娘子, we’ve used deep burgundy-red fabric and gold thread stitching accentuated by exquisite 3D roses. Join us on a fun journey to rediscover a bygone era where tradition and beauty intertwine!

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The Online Research

While delving into the rich history of imperial and ancient China, I explored the usage of “娘子” (Niáng Zi) and “姑娘” (Gū Niáng) across various periods and dynasties. It’s important to acknowledge that historical information can be intricate, and interpretations may vary. However, based on my research, I’ll provide an overview of the usage of these terms throughout different eras.

“娘子” (Niáng Zi)

During the Song and Yuan dynasties, “娘子” held significant meaning. It encompassed both young women of marriageable age and married women or concubines. It reflected the cultural norms and social hierarchy of the time, highlighting the respect and status associated with married or concubine women.

Displayed below are two exquisite embroidered hair clips: on the left, we have Chén Niáng Zi, with “Chén” representing the family name, and on the right, we present Meí Niáng Zi, where “Meí” has been thoughtfully translated to closely match the sound of the non-Chinese name.

If we were to create a Chinese-sounding approximation for my married last name, Crandall, it would likely be 克兰道 (Kè Lán Dào). As a result, I would be referred to as 克兰道娘子 (Kè Lán Dào Niáng Zi). However, considering the limited space available on the hair clip and the emphasis on aesthetics fun-factor rather than strict historical accuracy, I might opt for 克娘子 (Kè Niáng Zi) as a condensed version to embroider on the hair clip.

drama inspired embroidered hair clips

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“姑娘” (Gū Niáng)

As we move to the Ming and Qing dynasties, the term “姑娘” gained prominence. It typically referred to young, unmarried women, including daughters and young ladies from other households. Addressing someone as “姑娘” denoted their unmarried status and conveyed a sense of honor and respect.

Below are four captivating embroidered hair clips arranged from left to right. The first one is Qín Gū Niáng, where “Qín” represents the last character of the first name. We have Xīn Gū Niáng, Xūan Gū Niáng, and Huì Gū Niáng.

If we translated my English first name, Lis, into a Chinese-sounding name to complement Gu Niang, a possible translation would be 丝 (Sī). It’s important to note that Lis would be translated into two syllables in the Chinese language, as “s” is not a standalone sound. Thus, my translated first name would likely be 莉丝 (Lì-Sī). In this case, I would be referred to as 丝姑娘 (Sī Gū Niáng). However, please note that this is just an example, as I already have a Chinese name and don’t need to translate my name; not all ethnic Chinese Singaporeans have a Chinese name, but I do. 

drama inspired embroidered hair clips


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In our collection, we draw inspiration from these historical periods and dynasties. By incorporating the last character of a woman’s name in vertical embroidery, reminiscent of Chinese calligraphy and lettering from those eras, we pay homage to the artistic traditions prevalent during the Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties.

With our designs incorporating the terms “娘子” and “姑娘,” we offer a chance to indulge in a little taste of living out the enchantment of Chinese dramas. Each hair clip captures the essence of different imperial periods and dynasties, allowing you to immerse yourself in the cultural nuances, aesthetics, and rich heritage of ancient China. It’s a delightful way to embrace history, appreciate elegance, and celebrate the diversity of traditional Chinese customs.

While historical information can be complex, we strive to honor the legacy of these terms and create a collection that celebrates the beauty and richness of imperial and ancient China.

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Made-To-Order Requests

These embroidered hair clips are made-to-order items; don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to customize the hair clips.


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