customized embroidered charms

Handcrafted Embroidered Charms: A Beautiful Tribute to the Women in My Family

Empowering and Celebrating Women: Rebirth Embroidered Charms

Celebrating the bond between sisters and the special connection with our mother, I created a collection of embroidered charms that reflect our unique stories and memories. Each charm is deeply meaningful and personalized, with intricate embroidery and symbols encapsulating our relationships’ essence. Join me as I unveil the Rebirth Collection, where love, nostalgia, and creativity intertwine.

Rebirth Collection: A Symbol of Self-Discovery”

Within the Rebirth Collection lies a charm representing my personal growth and journey of self-discovery. Embroidered on the front is a delicate depiction of a short-haired woman, reflecting my identity and the transformative path I have embarked upon. This charm encapsulates my strength, resilience, and the beauty of embracing one’s true self. My name is intricately embroidered on the back, adding a personalized touch that speaks to my unique essence.

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customized embroidered charms customized embroidered charms

“Sister’s Charm: Nostalgia and Everlasting Sisterhood”

I created a charm that evokes nostalgia and celebrates our unbreakable connection to honor the cherished bond I share with my beloved sister. The front of the charm features an artful embroidery of a woman with beautifully plaited hair, symbolizing a precious memory from our childhood. It reminds me of when my sister would awaken me early in the morning, seeking help to style her hair before she rushed to school. This charm serves as a reminder of the countless shared experiences and unwavering support that have forged our lifelong sisterhood. Personalizing the back of the charm with the initial of her name adds a special touch that represents her individuality.

customized embroidered charms customized embroidered charms

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“Mother’s Charm: Embracing Luck, Reclaiming Identity, and a Tale of Serendipity”

Crafting a charm dedicated to my dear mother held a profound meaning for me. It symbolizes luck, protection, and a deep desire to help her reclaim her true identity. The story behind this charm is intertwined with a serendipitous tale of how her name was misreported during the early days of Singapore’s independence. In a twist of fate, she had the same English name as her older brother. Inspired by her longing to reclaim her real name, I set out to create a charm that would bring her joy and aid her in reconnecting with her authentic self.

The front of the charm features a delicately embroidered image of a smiling golden ox, symbolizing luck and prosperity. This charm holds a special significance as it pays homage to a crocheted ox doll I had made for her years ago, believed to bring good fortune. To add a personal touch, I included the Chinese character “凤” (feng) on the back, extracting from the last character of her name. “凤” symbolizes the majestic phoenix, embodying resilience, rebirth, and the hope for her to uncover her true self.

customized embroidered charms


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These personalized embroidered charms hold profound stories that celebrate love, memories, and shared experiences within my family. Each charm is a testament to personal growth, nostalgia, and the unbreakable bonds we cherish. Together, let us celebrate the artistry and beauty of these handcrafted treasures, where love, family connections, and the power of personalized symbolism converge to create something truly meaningful.

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