Add a touch of elegance to your reading experience with a personalized embroidered faux leather corner bookmark!

These beautifully handcrafted bookmarks are made from premium faux leather and feature delicate embroidery. The perfect gift for any book lover, these bookmarks will add a touch of personality to your reading routine.

– Personalized with your name or a special message
– Made from premium faux leather
– Delicate embroidery
– Available in a variety of colors
– Handmade with love

Materials: Faux leather, cardstock, embroidery floss, leather thread, hot stamping foil
Size: ~8.5cm x 8.5cm / 3.35″ x 3.35″

How to order:
1. Select the faux leather + text color for your bookmark.
2. Select the style of the embroidered floral motifs (we will try to pick a well-matching embroidery thread color according to your chosen faux leather).
3. Enter the name or message you want hot stamped on the bookmark (refer to the last two images from the photo stack).
4. Add the bookmark to your cart and proceed to checkout.
5. Your bookmark will be made to order and shipped within 1-3 business days.

Please note:
– Due to the handmade nature of this product, there may be slight variations in color and embroidery.
– The colors you see on your screen may vary slightly from the actual colors of the faux leather.
– We will choose the cardstock backing that matches well with your chosen faux leather and embroidery motifs.

These personalized embroidered faux leather corner bookmarks are the perfect gift for any book lover!

Order yours today!

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