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Masquerade Party Crochet Pattern Pack (RETIRED)


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Happy Family Crochet Pattern Pack (RETIRED)


Family Crochet Pattern, Mothers Love New Born Gift, Father Son Daughter PDF, Japanese Mom, Brother Sister Amigurumi DIY, Beginner Patterns

Create a delightful family of amigurumi toys with the Happy Family Pattern Pack! This pack includes 6 unique patterns perfect for crafting a diverse range of stuffed dolls, including a mother and newborn, father and son, playful toddler, and Japanese mother, and grandmother. Get the fun and easy-to-follow patterns now!

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Looking for the perfect pattern to create a family of amigurumi toys? You’re in luck! The Happy Family Pattern Pack is here to help you make your own delightful family of characters. This pack includes six unique patterns, all perfect for crafting an adorable family of stuffed dolls that will make any room warm and inviting. Create a mother with her newborn to symbolize the special bond between parent and child, or a father and son in matching attires so alike they could be twins! With these fun, easy-to-follow patterns, you can create a diverse range of amigurumi characters to bring your home joy. These patterns are now available as a value pack at a discounted rate.

Make a Japanese mother with a kimono sitting in a seiza position for a touch of culture, a playful toddler boy for endless energy, or a grandmother for a bit of nostalgia. With some love and care, you’ll craft something amazing with the Happy Family Pattern Pack. Get yours today, and start crafting a family to brighten your home!

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BONUS: Your purchase comes with a free Cool Kitty Pattern.

Measurements (Height) of the dolls:
The patterns use mainly fine-weight yarn and achieve mini dolls that are about 6.5-8cm tall. Using bulkier weight yarn will result in bigger-sized dolls.

Skill Level:
Advance Beginner

The pattern set includes information on the specific materials needed for each design; this is the general information:
Yarns – Fine weight yarn (about 18WPI – Wrap Per Inch)
Crochet hook size – 1.75mm
Cotton fabric
Craft eyes – 6mm round or oval, 9mm round or oval, 12mm round or oval
Stitch marker or safety pin
Long doll sewing needle
Embroidery thread


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