zoo animals crochet pattern pack

Zoo Animals Crochet Pattern Pack (RETIRED)


Happy Family Crochet Pattern Pack (RETIRED)

happy family pattern pack

Masquerade Party Crochet Pattern Pack (RETIRED)


Masquerade Party Crochet Patterns Set, Ninja Plushie DIY, Thunder God Doll, Fantasy Miniature Figure Digital, Girl in Fox Costume Toy

Our masquerade crochet pattern pack includes 9 beautiful unique costume patterns with a magical theme. Create a thunder god, lab specialist, crystal maiden, ninja, fox girl, and Indian saint, and more. These easy-to-follow patterns contain fun and interesting details, such as thunderbolt props and crystal accessories.

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Are you looking for a way to add some excitement and color to your next masquerade ball? Are you looking for designs that are unorthodox and out of the ordinary? With this amazing masquerade-theme crochet pattern pack, you can create nine beautiful, unique costumes with a magical, mystical theme! These patterns are now available as a value pack at a discounted rate.

This pack comes loaded with all sorts of fun and interesting patterns, including a thunder god complete with a thunderbolt prop, a book, and a cape; a lab specialist featuring a lab coat and her favorite drink; a crystal maiden complete with an attractive dress and crystal props; a sneaky and huggable ninja; a fox girl complete with ears; and an Indian saint Sai Baba complete with a robe and turban.

You’ll have a blast creating these whimsical and beautiful costumes with our easy-to-follow patterns. Make your next masquerade the most stylish and memorable with this special masquerade-theme crochet pattern pack. Your night will be remembered with creativity, passion, and these special patterns!

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BONUS: Your purchase comes with a free Cool Kitty Pattern.

Measurements (Height) of the dolls:
The patterns use mainly fine-weight yarn and achieve mini dolls about 6.5-9cm tall. Using bulkier weight yarn will result in bigger-sized dolls.
The Ninja is a huggable doll, measuring 22cm tall.

Skill Level:

The pattern set includes information on the specific materials needed for each design; this is the general information:
Yarns – Fine weight yarn (about 18WPI – Wrap Per Inch)
Crochet hook size – 1.75mm
Cotton fabric
Craft eyes – 6mm round or oval, 9mm round or oval, 12mm round or oval
Stitch marker or safety pin
Long doll sewing needle
Embroidery thread


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