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Amigurumi Pattern Sets – Launched on Etsy!

We have launched our Amigurumi Pattern Sets on Etsy!

festive holidays amigurumi pattern set

The “Festive Holidays” pattern set consists of doll designs suited for some popular festive holidays. The set includes Christmas lovers of two sizes, a Santa boy, a reindeer, teru teru bozu the weather dolls of two sizes, and the Lunar New Year couple.

Love Journey amigurumi pattern set

The “Love Journey” pattern set consists of seven couples and a bonus kitty cat. This set tells a love story journeying through different stages of our lives. The set includes the School Sweethearts, the Graduation Couple, Carrying the Brider over the Threshold, the Western Wedding Couple, the Beach Wedding Couple, the Modern Chinese Wedding Couple, and finally, the Senior Wedding Couple on the renewal of their vows!

Just Brides amigurumi pattern set

The “Just Brides” pattern set consists of seven bride designs, and you can easily mix and match different hairstyles, ornaments, and dresses according to your preferences. The brides featured in the pattern set are Bride Merlinda, Bride Daisy, Bride Elena, Bride Fiona, Bride Celia, Bride Diane, and Bride Adele.

Just Grooms amigurumi pattern set

The “Just Grooms” pattern set consists of three groom designs, and you can easily mix and match different hairstyles and outfits according to your preferences. The featured grooms are Groom Jake, Groom Casper, and Groom Kyle.

Mystical and Magical amigurumi pattern set

The “Mystical and Magical” pattern set consists of nine doll designs for any occasion. The set includes a cute sleeping baby monster, a rocket toy, an Indian Saint, Sai baba, a studious koala in a graduation gown, and five cool kitties with different personalities.

Other pattern sets will be gradually listed on our Etsy shop.

Special Note:

If you find these patterns familiar, it is because they were originally branded under “Simple Arts Planet – SAPLANET,” a business and brand that I registered and managed from Feb 2007 to Jan 2021. SAPLANET ceased operation when I moved to America permanently; I have stopped designing dolls. I had planned to stop selling the patterns altogther, but I have received countless requests to purchase the patterns. Due to the transition, I was unable to sell the patterns. Although I no longer create new doll designs, and SAPLANET has ceased, I own the copyright of all my creations, and I am offering them under the new brand, “Lis Makes” as pattern sets at sharply discounted rates. I hope this explains why you may see the Simple Arts Planet watermarks on the images.

Other announcements:
We are in the process of photographing and listing our fine handmade knits, which would be our primary products. Keep a look out for them! 

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