Knitted Hoods For All Genders! Love The Cozy Warmth!

Balaclava Hoods for Everyone: Comfort and Style with a Touch of Romance

The balaclava, a head and neck covering we often see winter athletes wear, has a surprisingly long history, though its origins are debated. Evidence suggests they were first worn by soldiers in the Black Sea region around the 1300s, gaining wider recognition during the Crimean War in the 1850s. Fast forward to today, and the balaclava is enjoying a bit of a renaissance, but with a twist: comfort and style for all genders.

History of balaclava

In an earlier post, I shared my inspiration for creating oversized balaclava hoods. The classic balaclava, typically worn by men, can feel restrictive. I envisioned a looser-fitting version that would be comfortable and stylish at the same time. This relaxed fit allows for layering with beanies or ear warmers and lets you push the hood back when you’re indoors. Versatility was key!

knit balaclava hoodMy current collection features three designs, with the “wanderlust braid hood” being a runaway favorite, especially with women. Inspired by a crocheted hooded scarf I made while living in Denmark, this design features beautiful braided edging. It wasn’t just the functionality that captured hearts, though! A secret I’ll let you in on: a photo of me wearing this very hood caught the eye of my now-husband. The rest, as they say, is history!

igloo balaclava

  igloo balaclavaigloo balaclavaigloo balaclava

While one of the inspirations for the oversized hood came from seeing men struggle with the tightness of classic balaclavas during winter work, my designs are intended to be gender-neutral. However, I have some designs in the works that will have a more masculine feel. The “Igloo hood” is a sneak peek at this line, and variations are planned. The unexpected popularity of my hoods has kept me busy fulfilling orders, but the expansion is coming soon!

I’m also working on two new winter hood styles for upcoming designs, the last for this season. One will offer a clean, less-textured look, while the other will feature a new, exciting, edging detail. Stay tuned for these exciting additions! After which, I will launch hoods for the Spring/Summer season using varying construction methods and materials!

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