rebirth embroidered brooch pins

Rebirth: Empowering Women through Embroidered Brooch Pins

Rebirth Collection: Hand Embroidered Brooch with Women’s Hairstyles – Empowering Women’s Accessories

In the fast-paced journey of life, women undergo numerous phases of rebirth as they assume new roles and responsibilities. Our “Rebirth” collection of embroidered brooch pins celebrates and empowers women through their transformative experiences.

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rebirth embroidered brooch pins - long hair

Each charm in this collection depicts the back of a woman adorned with different hairstyles – from flowing long hair to chic short cuts, elegant buns, and intricate plaits. These hairstyles symbolize the diverse journeys women embark upon in their lives.

rebirth embroidered brooch pins - plaited hair


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When a woman marries, she becomes a wife, often needing to reprioritize between work and home. Similarly, motherhood presents a crossroads where dreams may intersect with maternal duties. Many mature women return to school, reclaiming the degrees they once put on hold to fulfill their roles as homemakers or mothers.

rebirth embroidered brooch pins - bun up woman

At the heart of our collection is the desire to empower women to forge new paths and overcome adversities. After dedicating themselves to others for years, it’s time for women to embrace self-love and self-care. The “Rebirth” collection is a powerful reminder that women can find the strength to live a full life again.

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rebirth embroidered brooch pins - short hair

Each brooch is meticulously hand-embroidered on cotton fabric with an outline style for the woman’s artwork. It is framed with a floral wreath, with each woman adorned in a unique color palette. The back of the brooch features premium faux leather and a secure pin back. The finished brooch is lightly padded, adding dimension and charm. Measuring approximately 5cm in diameter, it’s a wearable work of art that complements any outfit.

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