The Husband, Lis Makes #1 Fan

Introducing The Husband: Lis Makes #1 Fan

Behind Every Handmade Brand: The Human Connection

In the world of independent handmade brands, a unique and endearing aspect often trails the products themselves—a story involving people, making the brand more personable and relatable. Today, I’m stepping away from my regular product posts to introduce you to the rock that supports my creative adventure. So, allow me to introduce you to “The Husband,” who has been my #1 fan throughout this incredible journey.

The Beginning: A Tale of Amigurumi

It all began with the dolls I designed and lovingly crafted back in the day. The first dolls that caught The Husband’s eyes were the Amigurumi Mouse and the Amigurumi Tortoises. His words, “They looked so happy,” lighted a beacon of hope when he was seeking a clear path toward the future. Intrigued by the maker behind these little dolls, he noticed that I also posted scenic photos and thoughtful captions—photos I had taken during my year-long exchange program in Denmark. It was at that moment he decided to drop me a friend request.

Love Across Oceans: Navigating Long-Distance

Fast forward, we found ourselves in a long-distance relationship in 2016. I was pursuing my psychology degree in Australia, and he promised himself that he would support me financially and in every way possible if I chose to become a psychologist.

To fulfill this promise, The Husband worked tirelessly to obtain his CPA license while we navigated the challenges of maintaining a connection across the miles. One vivid memory from those early days is the 2.5-day power outage we experienced during my visit to America. It was the middle of winter, and we huddled in the dark, using candlelight to study and keep warm. Eventually, we ventured out to grab some food, and he even took exams at Starbucks using their free Wi-Fi.

Lis Writes: A Dream Nurtured

Ultimately, I didn’t become a psychologist, but my passion for helping people psychologically remained. Encouraged by The Husband’s unwavering support, he bought me a domain, “Lis Writes,” and urged me to write and share my insights on mental health topics.

A Proposal Beyond Words

After completing my psychology degree, I returned to Singapore, where The Husband proposed to me on his second trip to Singapore during our vacation in Chiang Rai, Thailand. His proposal was unique and meaningful—he gave me a customized storybook, reflecting my preference for meaningful items over material possessions. He’d even gone the extra mile by printing a book based on our shared experiences, etching our love story into the pages.

Amid the stress of his CPA exams, he drove around taking photos of himself in places we had visited together, creating a touching and personal connection between his professional journey and our shared experiences.

Lis Cooks: The Culinary Adventure

Despite being a serious professional in his own right, The Husband has always embraced the opportunity to show a different, fun-loving side of himself on my cooking website, “Lis Cooks.” This website was born when I moved to America and began my culinary journey. He graciously poses for photos with the dishes I create, showing encouragement. He also models my knitted scarves and hats whenever needed because he knows it brings me happiness.

The Unwavering Support

Uprooting oneself from the familiar and rebuilding life in a new place is no easy feat. The Husband’s tireless support has been the cornerstone of my journey, helping me gain traction in life and feel confident in attempting new things. In these uncertain times when the economy is slowing down, and independent artists like me face challenges, I can continue to do what I love because I have a #1 fan who cheers me on, even when sales are slow.

You Are Enough

I hope you, too, have your own #1 fan in your corner. But if you don’t, remember this: You Are Enough! The Husband’s unwavering support reminds us that love and encouragement from those we hold dear are some of life’s most precious gifts.

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