crochet holly berries

Learn How To Make An Easy Decorative Holly Berries And Leaves

I made some crochet holly berries today. The truth is, when I am not knitting, I am cooking and baking, and only when I have a large window of uninterrupted time will I write up some articles. Unfortunately, all my favorite pastimes are time-demanding, so I haven’t been able to update all the websites as much as I would have loved. I offered to bake and pack some Danish Christmas cookies – peppernuts – in snack bags as holiday snacks for friends, and I wanted to add a personal touch to the packaging, and here we are.

Fast-forward, I liked the crocheted holly berries and leaves so much that I made a video to teach viewers how to crochet holly berries and leaves decorative, which is great with gift wrapping. I also included the instructions for the snack bag in the tutorial too.

It’s quite an easy project, and instead of a button, you can sew the holly berries and leaves set to a pin back or hair barrette! If you want to use it on twine thread over brown paper wrap, I suggest crocheting two tails of chain stitches and simply tying it over the tied twine. There are more possibilities!

Watch the video here or over at YouTube! I used a text-to-speech feature to narrate the tutorial as I was unsure how I felt about my voice.

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