This is what I do when the raglan sweater project gone terribly wrong

For my birthday in October, my husband asked me to choose my birthday gift, and I purchased yarn in a bulk pack. I made myself a simple raglan sweater and decided to make him one.

While I liked my sweater, I found the neckline very awkward to wear without neckline shaping. Shaping pushes the back neckline up, and the front neckline sits more naturally along or below the collarbone. So, I decided to improve the neckline of the sweater I made for my husband. I also included a simple cable panel in the center. Everything seemed to be going well until I made the first sleeve, and then I did what I had to do!

I made more changes to the new project, and instead of traditional shaping (knitting the back row flats and joining the round), I incorporated the Japanese short rows in the front. I contemplated between the German short rows and Japanese short rows and decided on the latter because I read that Japanese short rows work better for yarn with a bit of sheen.

I’ll share the process when it is done!

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