crochet bride pattern pack

Amigurumi Crochet Bride Pattern Value Pack in Seven Styles

The crochet bride pattern collection consists of seven brides at a deep discount. We used to sell wedding doll patterns as a set featuring the bride and the groom since that was how we designed them. However, we often receive requests to mix and match the brides and grooms. We have retired from designing new patterns, so we decided to compile the designs in themes at an unseen discount (each wedding pattern set sold at $13.19; a single pattern at $6.99). With this wedding bride set, you can mix and match the hair styles, dresses and accessories however you like!

Bride Merlinda wears her hair side-swept with a classic bun wrapped with pearls and her wedding dress features a heart-shaped neckline with fluffy dress highlighting her elegant and fearless personality.

Bride Fiona wears her bangs with long curls neatly under a veil gathered with roses and pinned to the back of her hair. She wears a layered A-line dress with a covered neckline showing her modest demeanor.

Bride Daisy wears her hair side-swept and her curly long hair bundled up to the side with a large rose illustrating her bold style.  Her dress features a heart-shaped neckline with a more fluffy layered body showing off her happy personality.

Bride Elena wears her hair puffed up on the top and tied-back a section of her curly hair to the back with flowers matching her dress. She wears a deep magenta dress with a heart-shaped neckline and a matching pair of long gloves exuding her confidence and elegance.

Bride Diane wears her bangs slightly parted in the middle and a section of her curly long hair tied back and wrapped with a blue ribbon. She wears a net dress partially revealing her toned legs, and with a heart-shaped neckline. A special highlight is her veil, which doubles as the dress train.

Bride Adele wears her hair simple with a long pig’s tail by the side. Her dress features a boat shaped neckline a flowy dress. She holds a heart pillow proudly showing off her new marital status – Mrs.

Bride Celia wears her hair like Bride Fiona. Her dress is a grand two-layered dress with the outer layer showing multi-layering effects that opens to an inner dress. Like Bride Diane, her veil doubles as a long dress train.


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About the Patterns

All our patterns consist of a generous spread of step-by-step photos to guide you through the crochet process. While most of the stitches used are basic stitches, assembling the parts and other techniques to create 3-D dolls would require some advanced beginners skills. 

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